‘The most successful projects have a customer that really has bought into the journey.’ – Robert Garcia on the difference between success and failure in Digital Transformation

Robert Garcia offers his insight on the margins of success and failure in Digital Transformation processes and what the fundamental differences are between the two.

Question 7 – What are the fundamental differences between projects that have succeeded and those that have not done so well?

“I think the most successful projects have a customer that really has bought into the journey. The customer needs to really want to go on a journey and be voracious on that change. In one of the most successful projects that we worked with, we worked with a company to help to transform their existing legacy telephony to a unified Skype for Business solution. They were out in front of that technology and from the very, very beginning, they pushed us and every other vender in that ecosystem to do more than what anybody else thought that anybody could do with that technology. They helped Microsoft and everybody else to insure that project. But that type of voraciousness for that change and that drive and confidence that you can do it is really important. I think there’s another attribute that goes with it- while they were voracious for that change, they also knew how to drive the communications and the adoption in that company. They were willing to take certain things faster and certain things slower and they said ‘we’re on a journey to get to an end state’ the end goal is what’s important and if this stage takes a little bit longer, but embeds us better with that user group and helps us to build on that foundation, that’s the right thing to do. I think the last thing is you cannot underestimate the importance of being bought in terms of communications and adoption. Really having people to help you tailor that communication to each of the stakeholder’s needs. The messages are different, the needs are different and so it all needs to be tailored to those people. This client really bought into that and that was the reason for it being such a big success.