‘The most crucial phases are the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega’ – Digital Transformation from Start to Finish

Suhail Mirza offers an overview of the most important phase of a Digital Transformation process and why this phase is so critical.

Question 7 – In your opinion, what’s the most crucial phase of a Digital Transformation project and why?

“The most crucial phases are, actually there’s two, which is the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega if you like. When we’re implementing a Digital Transformation project, it’s critical to have our values aligned, have a clear purposeful vision of what we are doing as a business and how the Digital transformation aligns to that. Have we got all stakeholders from cease week down to the people who are actually using the platform that we may be implementing aligned, clear timelines and expectations, all of that in place? If those things are clear and aligned, then we have a far greater chance for implementing and not overrunning in terms of time and cost. Secondly is when you give birth to the new project or platform or system that you will often have to run in parallel to the system that you are perhaps replacing. That will inevitably require people to be adjusted to the new system. There are inevitably given the nature of feedback and feed forward loops in technology, inevitably going to be properties in the new system or platform that you will not have been able to predict, positive and negative. We have to embrace that, it’s part of the process and be ready to take advantage of the one that provide added value. I think it’s been something like seventy years since one of the founding texts in modern, digital, computing fields started and that was ‘Psycho-cybernetics’ by Norbert Whelan. In that he argued that our reality isn’t really fundamentally about material energy, it’s about the transformation and transmission of information. He also added that we are not atomistic, we are connected to a larger system and field. So, if we take that lesson which is what gave rise to some of the Silicon Valley explosion, when you’re at the implementation phase and growing line phase, embrace the idea that you will now be connected and your system will be now connected to other systems and there may be profound benefits that you weren’t aware of that can help your business grow.”