The Challenge of Adoption – Potential barriers to Digital Transformation

Robert Garcia discusses what challenges a business can face when implementing a Digital Transformation process.

Question 5 – What in your opinion are the most challenging aspects of implementing a Digital Transformation process?

“The most challenging aspect of it is working with the customer to adopt the technology, and understand not the technology as it is today, but the technology as they are going to be able to consume it tomorrow. The biggest example we get in what we do is around eliminating people’s desk calls. When people think about their desk things, they think about two things. They think about: One- I don’t want to give it up. I’ve had it for years and I don’t want to give it up and Two: If you get them on the journey of maybe they do want to give it up, they still think about things in terms of how they use the phone. What do we do, we pick it up, we dial it and the attributes that go with that: Am I gonna have my speed dials, am I gonna have my short-code, short dials. In say, a Skype for Business solution, generally people are going to be on a computer, they are going to point and click at that person, it’s better than a short dial. But you need to teach people to be able to re-imagine that, they have to see the solution for what that is and that it’s not replacing that, but doing it differently. If you’re not able to take them on that journey and help them to re-imagine the ways they are going to use the technology, then you get into an adoption spiral. ‘Can you make it happen?’ What we found, is that it’s a journey- I’m not laying out something that I’ve cooked up in the lab- the fact is people have talked about adoption this way for years. What do you do? You get some people that are early adopters, true believers in this, you get them using it, you get them to be champions and you build demand in the business. You build a pole in the business, but getting a customer to agree to that type of approach and not to want to consume it all at once, not understanding that it may be a journey for them. That’s a real challenge.”