‘The biggest myth, or misconception is that it’s a technical change’ – Robert Garcia on Digital Transformation myths

Robert Garcia dispels the biggest myths around Digital Transformation and warns how perpetuating them can be very harmful for the business.

Question 2 – What would you say are the biggest myths surrounding Digital Transformation, and in what circumstances can they be harmful?

I think the biggest myth, or misconception may be around is that it’s a technical change. Yeah sure, it is a technical change, but the thing is, the reason you want to do this type of Transformation is to transform your business and if you enter into this as a technical change, you do it at your own peril. The idea of harnessing the Digital Transformation has got to be all about understanding your business, understanding the business you are working with, understanding how they use technology today and how Digital Transformation can enable them- or more than enable- and make them be able to do things better, faster, whatever that is, than they are today. That doesn’t happen by seeing it as ‘will give them unified communications’ or ‘will give them cloud computing; that’s got to happen as a coherent effort to understand what the business does and then detail the solution to them, to enter, and to really emphasise the communications and the adoption pieces to make sure they are pushing it out so they can consume it.