‘Technology and Digital Transformation can bring us to new worlds, new truths’ – Suhail Mirza on dispelling the myths of Digital Transformation processes

Suhail Mirza explains the harmful nature of myths surrounding Digital Transformation processes and considers some of the potential negative impacts they can cause.

Question 1 – What would you say are the biggest myths surrounding Digital Transformation and in what circumstances may they be harmful?

“I think one of the long-standing myths around Digital Transformation is definitely the fact that it can be harmful or threatening to our current paradigm or business model. That’s been around for a very, very long time. It’s been something like seventy years since the philosopher, Martin Heidegger wrote his essay which was entitled, ‘The Question concerning Technology’ and in that, he highlighted- this is seventy years ago- that what we have to be clear about is our goals and aspirations and actually, technology and Digital Transformation, as we know it today, can bring us to new worlds, new truths. So, the myths that surround it are that it’s complicated, it’s threatening, it’s too expensive. They can be harmful because if you’re transforming in your business sector, you will fall behind because digital transformation and technology are evermore ubiquitous.”