‘Start with your own networks’ – Suhail Mirza on how to select the right Digital Transformation expert

Suhail Mirza gives his top tips on selecting the right Digital Transformation expert for your projects.

Question 4 – Why is it essential to choose the right Digital Transformation expert for your project and what tips can you offer for selecting the right partner?

“When we make that decision, I think the flippant response would be have you ever entered into a friendship or a business relationship or a romantic relationship on fairly shallow grounds? if you have, that’s fine, that may be all you wanted, but if you’ve been looking for something a little bit more lasting then every choice has severe consequences. A romantic one may be very expensive emotionally or financially, but it business, if you do not take this seriously and listen to advice, it can be profoundly costly. I’m aware of one very significant business within the recruitment sector that ended up spending millions of pounds because they did not make that decision correctly. What tips would I give? Let’s start with our own networks, we’re connected digitally with so many people, so many social media platforms, so I would start looking for clients or even competitors who’ve actually used an expert and what they would advise. Any industry you’re in has a supplier guide and trade journals that you can get references from, so that would be where I would start, getting a reference from people who’ve already used those experts and on that basis it should make it much easier to find the right one.”