‘Start with the end in mind’- A Comprehensive Overview of the Digital Transformation process

Suhail Mirza describes in detail the entire process of Digital Transformation and offers advice to any businesses considering investing in this technology.

Question 2 – What advice would you give to a business considering investing in Digital Transformation?

“I think one of the key things is to start with the end in mind. Many, many businesses have Mission statements and everything pinned on their wall, but I would strongly urge, in the roles that I’ve had advising businesses, that they are clear on their goals, their values, and the purpose of what they do, the service or product they provide. If you are clear about that, then Digital Transformation programs can be aligned to those goals. It’s not the other way around because in business today, whatever sector you’re in- healthcare and recruitment are the sectors I’ve spent a lot of time with- there are all sorts of technologies and digital solutions that come at you. They are not ones you should measure or change by, you should have them as tools to help you achieve your goals provided you are clear about them.”