Local Government League Table

You can view The Transformation Network’s Local Government League Table below. The rankings represent the degree to which each council is embracing new technology, particularly AI and robotic process automation.

FOIR Only Responses

We completed this research, due to the worrying situation local government finds itself in at the moment:

  • According to the Local Government Association, English Councils face a total funding gap of £8 billion by 2025.
  • A survey by the Local Government Information Unit (LGiU) has learned that almost all councils (97%) will look to increase council tax in 2019-2020 to fight against the funding gap.
  • 1 in 20 Councils have also admitted they fear they will be unable fulfil statutory duties due to funding issues.

The former COO of the UK Government, and ex-CEO of Sage Stephen Kelly had the following to share on this:

“Local government is facing a perfect storm. Service demands have never been higher combined with acute financial pressures after recent years where opportunities for savings have already been made. The best way to protect the future of local council services and the communities is through the smart use of technology, such as robotic process automation and AI.

Far from something to be feared, such technology can liberate employees from mundane, repetitive work and allow them to spend more time doing what people do best, and that’s providing front-line services to citizens.

There has never been a more exciting time to be leading an organisation, and I am sure that the CEO’s of these councils will step up to embrace the opportunities.”

The results were obtained following a country-wide Freedom of Information Request to all councils in England and Wales. The rankings are based on the number of AI and robotic projects currently underway, the ROI achieved from these projects and whether or not the council has published plans for new projects in the future.

Some of the councils that have already embraced RPA and AI are already experiencing huge benefits.

Matthew Cain, Head of Digital and Data from the London Borough of Hackney, explained “We’ve been able to show how a person doing a task that takes four minutes and 57 seconds, can be done by a robot in 27 seconds. By running those videos alongside each other we have been able to build an incredibly compelling case for colleagues across our different services.”

Additionally, Alan Patrickson, Head of Digital and Customer Services at Durham, stated: “What we’re seeing at the minute is that it’s really increasing productivity. We know how long it took members of staff to do some of these repetitive tasks and already we’re seeing significant benefits… The intelligent use of RPA will also bring significant financial savings, not just in one area but across the organisation.”

The full results can be viewed above, or alternatively, you can download them here.

If you represent a council and believe your ranking is incorrect, please contact us with details and we will make the changes accordingly.

Note: Not all councils provided a complete response to the Freedom of Information Request.  We are following up with these councils to confirm their situation and will update the League Table accordingly. In the meantime, this data has been omitted from the Table in order to ensure the most accurate results.