Liz Ward on the Evolution of the Legal Landscape

What are some of the ways that the Legal landscape is going to evolve over the next few years?

We’re thinking much more globally. We’re going to be operating on much more of a global platform than we have been before. There’s a great big world map up in my office in Leeds and it’s there for a reason because we will be transacting with clients all over the globe. Those are some of the technologies and again, embracing technologies we have for example by video conferencing meetings, enabling is not to travel but enabling us to have a great presence and interaction with clients over a video conferencing platform. Globalization is going to be big and it’s going to be huge for us. Another big trend that I see coming is the operational efficiencies that artificial intelligence, that those kind of AI-type savings are going to deliver. A more intelligent look at the world, more intelligent look at customers and customer behaviour is going to deliver quite a lot of value and savings to customers at the end of the day. I think they’re just going to be a real sea-change in the people that are succeeding in the law. They’re going to be young, they’re going to be much more interested in technology. There’s still quite a big chunk of the legal profession who find anything other than doing things in a very old-fashioned way deeply uncomfortable, they will be gone.

I think an awful lot of people are going to be left behind. I think the old adage of you either go niche, you go big, or you go home and there’ll be a number of people who go home a number of organizations that go home because they haven’t embraced the technology, because they haven’t embraced the changes in society, because they basically are running out of steam by the way that they operate. They are going to be too expensive, they’re going to be too slow, they’re going to not be niche, they’re not going to have the right kind of online reputation. They are going to go in the same way that Woolworths has disappeared off the high street.