Keith Stagner discusses Robotics in Accountancy

How is Robotics impacting the Accountancy Industry?

“I mentioned earlier that a significant amount of the entry-level work in the council field is being automated with robots for artificial intelligence, and if you think about it, this is where graduates are coming in and getting their training. That’s how they learn to work, developing their skills in the workplace and as that type of work disappears – that demand for accounting professionals – it’s going to change. We’re already seeing the Big Four reducing the number of entry-level account positions they have. On the flip side, the organisations that are dealing with the complex world of digital transformation and all the opportunities and challenges that it brings are looking for more strategic and analytical specialisation. They want someone with a finance background and understanding to be able to advise them. We believe that in a few years it would be very difficult to advise, without having some knowledge of robotics and artificial intelligence and how that can help a country to grow and to be more efficient.”