‘It allows a small company to compete in any marketplace’ – Robert Garcia on who can implement Digital Transformation projects and why

Robert Garcia explains that Digital Transformation projects are suitable for businesses of all sizes, not just large multinational organisations.

Question 8 – Are Digital Transformation projects just for Global organisations or is it something companies of all sizes can implement?

“Well I hope they’re for small companies because we have a whole lot of our company working with small to medium enterprises! It’s as good, if not a better fit for small companies for a couple of big reasons. Small companies will always have the same sort of size and scale of an embedded infrastructure they have to transform. You have a better chance of changing tact with a smaller company rather than a big behemoth of 100,000 people. With a company that has four thousands, five thousand users, it’s hopefully gonna have a much leaner management structure, it is going to be able to drive a cultural and a behavioural change much faster in that environment. The chances of that being successful are much better. So I think it works better for a smaller company if anything, I think it goes back to my earlier point. It’s a real leveller. I think it carries you away from geography, it allows a small company to compete in any marketplace and it allows those companies to bring products to market. They can potentially be attractive to work with, whereas maybe it would have only been attractive with a larger company before.”