Duncan Enright on the advantages of Local Authorities already using Robotics and AI

What are the key benefits for Local Councils who are already using Robotics and AI?

“It’s about gaining that better understanding of how the population that they serve. What are the kind of services that they need? So, if you can use those new technologies to gather more information with permission, you can do a great deal more to respond to individual needs, as opposed to having a one-size-fits-all set of services? What do I mean? Well, we do suffer from things like fly-tipping, but also we have an overarching issue of sustainability in the longer term, so waste reduction, reuse, recycling, all of those issues are incredibly important and we don’t yet have a way easily of influencing the waste producers as much as we might. In helping the pretty willing citizenship – most people are very keen to reduce waste- we don’t have a really good way of informing them, or helping them to change their buying behavior, or lifestyle in order to enable that reduction and recycling to happen more effectively. But, with gathering better information about the kind of waste we’re collecting, we can target the most people are producing that waste. We can work with those producers to reduce the amount that they do, we can also work with the citizens and people we represent to help them understand the challenge, and we could easily be into a virtuous circle of reduction in waste, and in particular things like un-recyclable waste, flyaway plastics and the like, very quickly if we have good information on which to base the decisions we make, and can turn that as well into a more personalized service.”