Be clear on goals, values and purpose – Suhail Mirza explains the Why of Digital Transformation

Suhail Mirza offers a profound and detailed explanation on the most challenging aspects of Digital Transformation, including identifying ‘why’ you should transform.

Question 3 – What in your opinion are the most challenging aspects of implementing a Digital Transformation project?

“I think there are two. First and foremost is having the clarity of your goals and vision. If you’ve got that, and many businesses don’t, they just dive straight in to an implementation program with a broad idea that it will solve X problem, or Y problem, but how does it fit in strategically? If you’re not clear about that then it will be a huge challenge throughout the implementation. Secondly, often sometimes these decisions are made at the top level or CTO, CEO or CFO and that’s fabulous- but, not if you don’t have buy-in from the stakeholders, the people who will be actually implementing and using the systems. I’ve seen this in healthcare and I’ve seen it in recruitment, which is undergoing something called an inflection point, a profound change, where the people on the ground, the middle management and the actual employees are left a little bit in the dark about the Transformation and therefore don’t have an emotional as well as a logical buy-in. That will cause tremendous friction as you seek to roll it out.”