‘A real enabler and disrupter’ – The biggest technological or economic disruption caused by Digital Transformation

Robert Garcia weighs in on what he thinks will be the biggest technological or economic disruption that will be caused by Digital Transformation.

Question 3 – Which aspect of Digital Transformation has the possibility to cause the biggest technological or economic disruption and why?

“I’m not an expert in this area, but it’s a piece that really intrigues me about it. I think it’s around robotics and about machine learning. When I was thinking about this, I was thinking about it in terms of how assembly lines and mechanisation changed life for the blue-collar worker in America over the years. A lot of those jobs went away and the productivity changed, but other businesses sprung up and things like that. When we think about robotics today, it’s not that sort of Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator sort of view anymore. It’s actually virtual robots that are doing things online that suddenly take the place of call centres, or maybe accountants, or even more complex things. That impacts the white-collar worker in a lot of ways, in ways they maybe never thought robotics would impact the industry, or impact their lives. When I think about it, I think to myself, it can be a real enabler and in some ways a real disrupter, maybe in a negative way. I am never really sure whether I am a hundred percent comfortable with the fact those changes are going to come. Are we ready? Are my kids ready to live in that world where they need to retrain themselves in a very different way than I’ve had to retrain myself?