‘A Profound Change’ – Suhail Mirza’s biggest Digital Transformation success and why

Suhail Mirza offers his opinion on what is his most successful Digital Transformation project he has implemented and why.

Question 6 – What would you say your biggest Digital Transformation success is and why?

“If I could select one of the many projects I’ve been involved in, in healthcare and recruitment, I would look at the recruitment space, one of the businesses ive been involved in, provides support services to contractors and freelance workers and recruitment businesses. As that sector has transformed and undergone its own profound change, we as a business had to provide a platform, a means of engaging with people who were sometimes transient, who were in and out of different roles and have a platform that would meet all their needs as well as minimise risk for the recruitment business which was fundamentally important as an onslaught of legislation in the U.K that affects recruitment businesses so they have to get the payments correct to these workers. That requires a huge amount of information in real time in order to protect both parties and that has now become an important basis for businesses that are leading the support services sector and helping recruiters to grow.”